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About LetsUp

LetsUp is an Infotainment (Information + Entertainment) Platform where you can expect regular updates on National, International & Technology news, Entertainment, Tips & Tricks, Motivation, Lifestyle & much more, that too, Completely FREE!

LestUp is India's first WhatsApp based Digital Magazine, which now can be availed on all-in-one Mobile App. LetsUp App provides Fastest updates of happenings across the world, along with updates on Jobs, Health, Relationships and much more on the easiest and fastest growing mobile platforms, Android & iOS.

LetsUp was incorporated in 2015 & is a medium to connect with people and provide them with information on various subjects on their smartphone.

LetsUp is a Product of Hope Technologies, which is promoted by Mr. Narendra Firodia, who has a keen interest in investing and cultivating upcoming startups.

Our Vision is "To be India's First App with the fastest updates in all languages across the world".


Readers First & Only Choice - LetsUp

I proatively check their Motivational Graphics and share in my friend circle. It helps me to stay Motivated & Productive always.

Sanjay N.

Business Person, Nashik

I've recently got a Job because of LetsUp. I used to check daily Job updates in LetsUp Jobs Section. Thank you LetsUp.

Rahul S. S.

Employee, Shirur-Pune

I'm a regular follower of LetsUp. The messages have been very helpful as I'm preparing for civil service exams. LetsUp jobs, LetsUp General Knowledge & LetsUp Do you know are my favorite segments. Segments like breaking & update keep me updated with the daily happenings all around the world.

Akash Joshi

Student, Ahmednagar

Every day, I have to travel for one & a half hours from home to office & office to home. It often happens that I don't get a seat in the local. It's difficult to read the news. The podcast, 'LetsUp Wani' has been very helpful. Many times, I put on my headphones & listen to the podcast & keep myself updated!

Prathamesh Vidyasagar

Employee, Mumbai